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Mackie 32x8 8-Bus Series Mixing Console

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Mackie 32x8 8-Bus Series Mixing Console

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 Model Number

32x8 8-Bus Series

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Product Description

From the Manufacturer
The 8-Bus series was designed to eliminate the last barrier between you and audio creativity, and the 32x8 is capable of sound quality equal to or better than that of $100,000 consoles. 8-Bus consoles have recorded more platinum albums and major motion picture soundtracks than any other mixer in their class -- they set the standard for affordable 8-bus consoles.
Excellent for project studios and digital multitrack recording, when combined with digital multitrack or hard disk recording systems, a Mackie 8-Bus console can create not just major label CDs, but major motion picture soundtracks and network quality commercials.

Features include low-noise/high-headroom mic preamps on every channel, as well as channel inserts and direct outs. In the channel strip you'll find Mackie's truly musical EQ -- with Hi and Lo shelving EQ, parametric Hi-Mid, and sweepable Low-Mid EQ -- as well as our Low Cut Filter, which allows you to eliminate mic thumps and room rumble from your mix, and use your EQ for music and vocals.

With Mix B, "in-line monitoring" is a breeze. Six aux sends and six aux returns allow you to use all the effects you want. And the 8-Bus'scomplete talkback and phones level controls make communicating with the talent a snap. There's much more:

Loads of outputs for easy multitracking
Mackie's premium mic preamps on every channel (with phantom power for use with condenser mics)
100mm log-taper faders for consistently smooth fades
EQ: Full parametric Hi-Mid w/separate band center & "Q" controls, swept Lo-Mid, and Hi & Lo shelving EQ
Low Cut Filter (18dB/oct at 75Hz) on every channel
6 stereo (2 assignable) aux returns
Extensive routing capabilities
Low Cut Filter Low bass is good. What's lower than that isn't. In the octaves below 75Hz lurk all sorts of low-frequency grunge. Caused by stage or room rumble, wind noise and mic thumps, it can muddy your sound on stage or in the studio, drain PA amplifier power, or worse, actually cause speaker damage.
The Low Cut Filter on our compact, SR Series, and 8-Bus mixers inserts a 75Hz low cut (high-pass) filter into the channel's signal path (fig. 1). Why did we pick 75Hz? Well, the very finest microphones have a switch that lets you roll off their response below 75Hz, the very lowest fundamental frequency of the male voice. When you use this filter you notice that it doesn't have any audible effect on the human voice... but it cuts off mic thumps and room rumble. Our Low Cut filter emulates this bandwidth.

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